What S.U.G PRO is saying about protest- Comr. Dakwom M. Longgul.

It is imperative at this point to keep great JOSITES and indeed, the general public abreast of the situation at hand. To this end, this press release is to correct the misrepresentation of facts which in itself a fallacious manipulation of the true situation.
It is pertinent to say at this juncture that the students of university of Jos are not agitating because of the purported hike in school charges. On the contrary, the crux of our agitation is the review of the charges which are to a reasonable mind manifestly unjustifiable.
These charges we are calling for review include:
The removal of ten thousand Naira (N10,000) purported developmental levy paid by all students. This is the same amount paid annually which has not gendered any physical development in the University. The prolonged ASUU strike we endured has brought about the sum of N5.6 billion to the University which is for a period of four (4) years. This has clearly shown the active participation of the Federal Government in the Development of the University.
The ICT levy amounting to N4,000 and the computer based test which is N2000 on the receipt are unjustifiable and totally unacceptable. It cannot be refuted that we do not have access to the internet regardless of the fact that we pay this much.
The removal of the ten thousand naira as late registration fee. Our argument is that this is too much for students, and if a student cannot afford the normal school charges, is it when ten thousand naira is added that he can pay?
The removal of departmental levy on the school receipt which we also pay in our various departments. Why must we always pay the same item we have already paid for as evidenced on our school tuition receipt.
The review of N25,000 acceptance fee for new students. We can’t understand why a student should pay this much for acceptance of admission. This almost amounts to the total charges paid in other universities in the Northern part of Nigeria upon admission, we frown at the monetization of education in Nigerian.
The review of Hostel accommodation which we pay for just a bed space which amounts to N13,400 which hitherto was N4,600 only. This has sent many students out of the hostels thereby exposing students to security threats. More so, the sanitary condition even with the outrageous increment is not any different.
The double school fees paid by the 300L French students upon retune from immersion in other in francophone countries is morally wrong and unjustifiable. We are strongly of the view that the students concerned should not be made to pay the mandatory school fees for a session they had paid for in a foreign countries. The school must return to the status quo ante where the students only paid for the session they had in those foreign countries.
Other demands by the Student Union include:
Financial autonomy for the Student Union Government. The school management should only came in to supervise in order to ensure transparency.
The immediate release of the Student Union Secretariat at Naraguta Hostel which is currently being used as a commercial centre which is a means of generating revenue for the University. Up till this moment, the student Union Government does not have its office. Thus, contrary to the view of the Dean of Students Affairs, Prof. Rotgak Gofwen on air, several applications have been made to the school in this regard but were ignored. And the secretariat is now directly under the Office of the Dean of Students Affairs.
The immediate release of the buses for the students which is parked in the university premises.
The review of the date for examination stated for 24th November, 2014 in order to enable lectures cover up their workload for the semester and also to release results and attend to issues arising from such results. Students were still compelled to attend lectures and write tests on Saturday, the 22nd of November and in few cases 23rd of November, 2014. This is against best practices.
We must commend the roles of the Nigerian army in protecting our students for the first and second day of the protest however, it is on this note that we also condemn the role of the Nigerian military. Aiming and shooting at students in the second day of what was clearly a peaceful protest where no property were vandalized is reminiscent of the military era. Nine students were shot and are currently responding to treatment. This is unlawful and unjust. It must be categorically stated that it was when the STF shot some students that other students resorted to self-defence. Why shoot at armless and defenseless students? It is to this end that we call on all relevant authorities in the federal republic of Nigeria to raise in defence of the students of the University of Jos. The same STF also ran after students right into the University premises and shot some students and maimed some female students. This is highly barbaric, callous and condemnable to say the least. We demand for a public apology from the STF, even though no life was lost.
It is also important to state that the SUG president was not arrested by the police or any other security agency, and contrary to the rumor that the PRO is declared wanted by the SSS and also the news going round that the Clerk of the House of Parliament has been shot. The SSS and the police have been in active cooperation with the students in order to find a lasting solution to our problems.
Consequently, we regret that the struggle has taken us this far. However, we are of the firm persuasion that these issues would have long been resolved if the cry of the students were heeded. Contrary to the view of the Dean of Students Affairs on air, all means towards the peaceful and fruitful resolution of these issues were exhausted prior to our embarking on the protest. As a matter of fact, we encourage the Dean of Students Affairs not to be economical with the truth as that will only serve to instigate the students against the School Authority.
Thus, students are ready to write exams as soon as our demands are met contrary to the statement made by the Dean of Students Affairs. In fact, the letter that contains our demands were sent to the Vice chancellor through the Office of the Dean of Students Affairs with the caption: “Letter seeking the Review of certain charges and development”. The said letter was copied to the Police, SSS, the Commander of STF, SSA to President on Youths and Students Matters, NANS all Principal Officers of the University including Deans and Directors in the University.
As students, we have the rights and duties. However, we are of the firm view that we have dutifully satisfied the demands of the responsibilities bestowed on us by the University. Thus, now is the time to demand for our rights which are legitimate. In this direction, freedom we adore, oppression we reject.
We wish to assure all JOSITES of our commitment to stand by their decisions as we are only acting in a representative capacity.

God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria
God Bless Our UniJos
Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta

Yours in struggle,
Comr. Dakwom M. Longgul Comr. Abel Nok Nduu
S.U.G Public Relation Officer