A Quick Test To See Whether You Are An Introvert, Extrovert Or Ambivert

These days introverts has become a hot topic. Have you wondered which type you belong to? According to psychologist Carl Jung, introversion-extroversion is not a continuum that people only demonstrate qualities of one type. Instead, many of us have qualities of both sides, the point is which one is more dominant. Let’s see whether you’re an introvert, extrovert or ambivert in the following test!

1. What do you usually do at home?
Watching movies
Surfing the net
Self-talk and recalling memories
2. Which is the best way to celebrate your birthday?
Going out with your closest family members or friends
Holding a birthday party at home with your loved ones
Staying at home and not wanting people to remember your birthday
Working as usual
3. How do you feel in big crowds?
4. Which ride do you prefer?
Ferris wheel
Roller coaster
Drop Tower
5. What would you do right after exam period?
Do part-time job
Hang out with friends
Go back home and enjoy yourself
6. Usually what kinds of food do you choose at restaurants?
The ones that you’ve tried before and are confident in
New things you’ve never tried before
The recommended ones
I choose them randomly
7. What would you do if a stranger wants to take a photo with you?
I’ll be a bit scared and hesitate for a while
I’ll gladly accept that and chit-chat with him/her
I’ll walk away immediately
I’ll ask what’s his/her intention and then decide
8. Which activity do you prefer?
Exploring a new place
Playing games
9. What’s your usual role in social events?
The one who starts conversation
The one who always want to speak but has no chance
The one who stays quiet most of the time
The one who speaks not too often but will let others know your existence
10. What would you do when you admire someone?
Praise him/her in person immediately
Text him/her to show your appreciation afterwards
Put that in your heart secretly
Tell your friends you admire him/her



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