‘Nigeria needs men of vision’

The provost of Niara Institute, Mr. Carlton Williams, has observed that dearth of leaders with strong character and vision is the basis of Nigeria’s woes.

Williams, according to a statement by Niara Institute on Monday, said his organisation had perfected plans and was committed to developing a new crop of African leaders, who would come up with innovations to tackle the various socio-economic challenges confronting Africa.

He said, “The challenge that faces us today is not the lack of solutions to complex and mutating problems but the need to raise men and women of vision and character that are prepared to lead by assuming responsibilities to innovate and transform society.”

Williams, who was quoted to have spoken in Lagos, last week Friday, during the unveiling of the institute’s action plan, said the institute would be bringing to Africa experts from various walks of life to speak to budding African entrepreneurs at a conference tagged “Niara Inspire-Africa Conference”.

He said the conference bid to hold between January 22 and 25 at The Landmark Centre, Victoria Island, would dwell on the sectors “groaning for positive turn around, including education, energy, media, transport, agriculture, finance and the environment.”

He said that the institute was challenging budding entrepreneurs in Africa to come up with innovations that could address the numerous socio-economic challenges confronting the continent. He promised that entrepreneurs with the best innovative solutions would be given cash rewards ranging from N500, 000 to N1m.


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