Buhari’s open letter


Kindly allow me to use this medium to comment on the Open Letter of Muhammadu Buhari, the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate to the delegates of his party at the just concluded primaries to elect the party’s flag bearer. In as much as I was not a delegate, it is pertinent to draw the attention to some salient issues raised in the letter.

Buhari said he was seeking for HELP from the delegates to nominate him as the standard bearer for the party. He posited that his quest was not for personal ambition but, that it was driven because he believed he had something to offer Nigerians and the country at this time of multiple crises. He mentioned insecurity, corruption and economic collapse as some factors that have brought the country low. He further stressed that it is overdue for all and sundry to work together to lift Nigeria up. To this end, he said he was ready to lead Nigeria to its rightful future. Buhari said emphatically, that he had served Nigeria to the best of his ability and that he had always tried to give more to the nation than the country had given him. According to him, this is the principle of service that has guided his public life.

This is an open claim and challenge to anybody who has a contrary opinion to puncture. Otherwise, it is an admission of the fact of the matter.

Buhari said that he was not a rich person. This is also an open claim and challenge to anyone who has a contrary opinion to come forward with proof, if not, it would be admitted as a statement of fact.

Raymond Oise,

Ketu, Lagos State,



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