28 Internet acronyms every parent should know

Internet has affected virtually every aspect of human lives. But the increasing way at which teenagers immerse themselves in this trend has brought up new challenges, especially for parents who will have to keep up with the constantly changing internet/mobile technology and its lingua – Parenting has never been this difficult.

Imagine this scenario, your daughter is sitting beside you on the coach and she’s sex texting without you having a inkling of what she’s doing – even when you can view her SMS. Would you be able to interpret this message if she writes, I’ll GNOC as soon as 99. (see our list for its meaning)


Therefore, parents need to get acquainted with the language used by their children to be able to succeed at parenting, particularly, in our climes where good family names are held in high esteem.

Here, we present to you a list by CNN’s correspondent, Kelly Wallace, who compiled popular acronyms widely used by teens on Internet,social media and texting apps.

Read the list, it will redefine how you monitor your teen’s conversations with his/her peers.


  1. IWSN– I want sex now
  2. GNOC– Get naked on camera
  3. NIFOC– Naked in front of computer
  4. PIR– Parent in room

CU46 – See you for sex

  1. 53X– Sex
  2. 9– Parent watching
  3. 99 –Parent gone
  4. 1174′– Party meeting place
  5. THOT– That hoe over there
  6. CID– Acid (the drug)
  7. Broken– Hungover from alcohol
  8. 420– Marijuana
  9. POS– Parent over shoulder
  10. SUGARPIC– Suggestive or erotic photo
  11. KOTL– Kiss on the lips
  12. (L)MIRL– Let’s meet in real life
  13. PRON– Porn
  14. TDTM– Talk dirty to me
  15. 8 –Oral sex
  16. CD9 –Parents around/Code 9
  17. IPN– I’m posting naked
  18. LH6– Let’s have sex
  19. WTTP– Want to trade pictures?
  20. DOC– Drug of choice
  21. TWD– Texting while driving
  22. GYPO– Get your pants off
  23. KPC– Keeping parents clueless

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