Whisky Vows to Provide Educational Empowerment

9090-Ayakeme-Whisky.jpg - 9090-Ayakeme-Whisky.jpg

Former Bayelsa State Commissioner for Housing and Urban Development, Chief Ayakeme Whisky

Shola Oyeyipo

Former Bayelsa State Commissioner for Housing and Urban Development and senatorial aspirant for Bayelsa West senatorial district, Chief Ayakeme Whisky, has vowed that if given the opportunity to represent the area at the upper chamber of the National Assembly, the educational empowerment of the people would be his greatest obligation.

Whisky, who in a telephone interview expressed optimism that he enjoys the support needed to win the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primary on Sunday, December 7, said no child in the district would be deprived of quality education if he wins the senatorial contest.

“I’m going into the primary election certain of victory because the sovereign power (people) will determine who gets the ticket and considering that I’ve been an advocate for the peoples right, I believe it is time that the people will reward me.

“And when if I get to the Senate education will my cardinal objective. My four years in the Senate will usher in an era of educational empowerment such that no child in my constituency will be deprived of the fundamental education.

“I went to school under turbulent circumstances; if I can provide good education for my children, then I should be able to provide good education for every child around me. So we will provide education for those in primary schools, secondary schools and the tertiary institutions,” he promised.

At the national level, Whisky said his desire to go into the legislative assembly is “to ensure that Nigeria remains one,” by facilitating “policies that will bridge gaps.”

While emphasised the need for Nigerians to fashion our out ways to run the country on the basis of economic equity, he also harped on the need for true federalism as panacea for development.

“We must not be running a military regime as federalism. We must practice federalism in the true sense because with true federalism, every component part of the country will look inwards to explore their natural resources, but so long as Nigerians believe that Nigeria got black gold that must be brought to the centre to be shared, we are undermining the spirit of enterprise in us.

“We must look at how to tap into other resources in the states. That states go to Abuja monthly to share from the Federal Allocation Account must stop! That is what has weakened our federalism. So it is time for us to begin to look at how we can bring about true federalism.


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