Why they hate me – Outgoing UNIBEN VC

Outgoing Vice Chancellor of the University of Benin, Prof. Osayuki Oshodin, on Sunday said that he had adversaries who opposed his style of administration as head of the institution.

Oshodin, who spoke shortly after a thanksgiving service held in his honour in Benin, said that his resolve to do things differently, which he said contributed to the success of his administration, did not go down well with his rivals, who he said were interested in their personal interest.

He said there were an assassination attempt on his life as well as an attempt to poison him but that his vision and determination to improve the university had been a source of motivation.

Oshodin said, “It has been really interesting; I believe I have done my best, I had a mission and a vision and I had a strategic plan only known to me and I am happy that I implemented all these strategic plans.

“I met resistance from the devils and I stood my ground and they tried to eliminate me several times but they didn’t succeed. If you have God on your side, they will not succeed.

“People did not know why people were fighting me; they were fighting me because I blocked their ways of embezzling allocations sent to the University of Benin.”

The professor of health education, who assumed office on November 30, 2009, also attributed his success to the proper utilisation of intervention funds like the Tertiary Education Trust Fund and the establishment of a mutually-transparent relationship with the unions in the university.

“I have established over 27 programmes; there was no veterinary medicine in the whole of the South-South, I have established one there, which is good omen for those of us here and so many others; they are all in my terminal report,” he said.


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