OAU students kick as Jonathan’s visit paralyses school

Students of Obafemi ‎Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, on Friday expressed their frustration with the ‘unfavourable’ condition they were subjected to over the presence of President Goodluck Jonathan in the institution.

Jonathan is attending a conference with South-West traditional rulers and politicians at the OAU.

It was gathered that public buses were not allowed into the school premises and majority of the stud‎ents had to trek long distances to their examination hall.
In one of the instances, ‎a Post Graduate Diploma student was seen arguing with security personnel after she refused entry.
Though she explained that she had exam, the security officials refused her plea.
Students were also seen protesting at the front of Oduduwa Hall where the meeting was holding.
The placard-carrying protesters were heard shouting “thief” on all the politicians that storm the venue.
Among the inscription on their placards are, “Education is our right, give us credible leadership, all we want is standard education.”
According to the students, they suspect that the leaders are in the school to endorse the president for 2015, despite “his failure to develop the educational sector.”
They also claimed that the meeting subjected them to suffering and was ill-timed because they are writing their examinations.
Some of the students also alleged that the buses provided by their union to ease movement were disturbed by politicians.
One of them identified as Isreal, said, “This is ‎rubbish. Is the president or politics more important than our lives? How will they subject us to this kind of suffering. Buses were denied entrance and we have to start trekking.”
Another student added, “All in the name of presidential visit, all activities are put on hold. We can’t do anything. They should not have brought this kind of meeting here. They should know OAU students don’t like oppressors. ‎They have the gut to come here after increasing our school fees exorbitantly.”
When contacted, the President of the Students Union of OAU, Isaac Ibikunle, said buses have been provided to aid the movement of the students.

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