Buhari Speaks: Why I Really Want to Rule Nigeria

Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) has explained why he is in the 2015 presidential race under the APC platform.

He says he plans to restructure the economy and bring about a change in Nigeria’s fortunes if elected. He says he also has a plan for bringing about gainful employment for the masses.

He said this during a visit to Rivers State to garner the support of APC national delegates ahead of the primaries.

“My message is just to remind all of us about the condition we are in this country and that next year 2015 is another political watershed in this country. If we allow by any means the PDP to continue, I don’t think by the end of their next term of four years even Nigerians can recognize their country, because all you need to do is to compare what state we were in 1999 when the PDP took over the centre and most of the states.

“In terms of infrastructure, we used Nigerian Airways, we used Nigerian railways, we used Nigerian Shipping line, even power at that time was relatively stable, more stable than it has been now after spending 20 billion US Dollars.

“Instead of seeing improvement in infrastructure, in way of life, quality of education, healthcare that immediately concerns the people, everything is going down, so Nigerians must vote PDP out next year. It is a question of survival. If you want our country, you want your son and your grandson to get education, to get healthcare, to get drinking water, to get security, you have to vote PDP out and I am here to ask you for your understanding and support because the journey of a million miles starts with one step.

“This is what APC is all about. We agreed to come together because we found out, no single political party could make any difference. As I said from 1999 till now, collapse of infrastructure, economy, manufacturing, therefore lack of jobs, therefore crises of all sorts,” Buhari stated.


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